StockPile – Complete Inventory and Order Management System or Hire Freelancers from

Hire Freelancers Order Customization

StockPile - Complete Inventory and Order Management System or Hire Freelancers from


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Hire Freelancers Order Customization


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What is StockPile?

  • StockPile makes the process of managing an inventory based business much easier.
  • All of your inventory, orders and customers managed and accounted for in one place.
  • All your products managed in one place. It’s simple, efficient and easy to control.
  • A smart way to create sales and purchase orders.
  • Stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price-lists in one system, not on spreadsheets.
  • Collaborate with your whole team using permissions for each member.
  • Save the time you spend on process and use it to explore new opportunities.

Demo Site info:


Admin Login:
username  : [email protected]
password   : 123456


Customer Login:
username   : [email protected]
passwrod    : 123456













Easily manage your customers, create multiple Branches. Customers area is fully separated from the admin area. Customers have their own panel with all financial data from your company presented in clear view.

Sales Order

StockPile allows you to keep in track your Sales Order, invoices, Payments, Shipments and generate reports. Invoice with different tax based on item.

Inventory Control

Avoid stockouts, make prompt reorders and get automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made. With Stockpile, you will also be able to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and in multiple currencies.

Sales Reports

Access and generate sales reports that offer accurate insights for better, more informed business decisions whenever and wherever, all in real time.

Inventory Optimization

Stockpile allows you to always have the right amount of stock, at the right time. Never over stock or under stock your inventory again.


Save time and ensure data accuracy when you create purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically.

Multi Warehouse

Manage your inventory efficiently across multiple warehouses and locations all on a single platform.

Order Fulfillment

Stockpile enables you to automate and control your order fulfillment, integrate locations and processes, execute each step needed in the workflow, and have visibility of the entire process. Now you can fulfill orders faster, in greater volume and at lower costs.

Order Management

Increase your business efficiency of handling orders with our order management software that makes it easy to track and fulfill orders.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Stockpile allows you to record customers’ purchase history and details about their preferences, so you can understand their future behaviors better. Billing details, postal addresses, average purchase types and sizes, can be recorded in a way that assists order management and provide them with a more personal experience.


An accounting system that integrates seamlessly with your inventory and order management system. Automate your invoicing and gain greater visibility over costs and profits.

StockPile v-1.7: May 2, 2018

Bug Fixing  : Customer login problem fixed
Bug Fixing  : tax amount is added to Mac(Moving avarage cost) calculation
Bug Fixing  : two digit issues fixed in price and tax
Bug Fixing  : Permission issues on dashboard

Modification: Delete option for company logo
New Feature : Email attachment for Purchase Prder PDF
New Feature : Filter for Purchase Received
New Feature : Email attachment for  Item Received  PDF

StockPile v-1.5: November 21, 2017

New Feature: Purchase received functionality for Purchese Order
             Send purchase order via email 
             Calculate profit & loss based  on  invoice for sales Report
             email attachment for Payments, Shipments, Purchese Orders

StockPile v-1.3: April 20, 2017

Bug Fixing: Default Language setting issue solved
New Feature: Graph added on Sales Report.
Improvement: More search options added on Sales Report 
             A. Daily basis search
             B. Monthly basis search
             C. Yearly basis search
             D. Custom search
Improvement: Filter options added in Sales Order, Invoice, Payment and Delivery Module

StockPile v-1.1: February 21, 2017

Bug Fixing  : Translation of Languages 
Bug Fixing  : Bugs on dashboard fixed
Bug Fixing  : Graph issues fixed on dashboard
Bug Fixing  : Bug fixing on Sales report and Sales history reports
Modification: Changes on PDF views
New Feature : Pay All option for invoice payment.
New Feature : Filter option added on Purchase List
New Feature : Purchase Report
New Feature : Team Members Report
Improvement : Item search

Initial Release v-1.0: January 13, 2017

Initial Release

Hire Freelancers Order Customization


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